Be inspired by Mindfulness, Affirmations and Poetry and become the change you desire using words, focus, and determination

  • Mindfulness to focus on the now
  • Poetry for inspiration
  • Affirmations to build confidence and believe in yourself

Mindfully wake up your senses whilst working with the energy centres (chakras)

The Root chakra is about finding our path, the right to be here, whilst establishing individuality. The Sacral Chakra is where we experience emotion and feel our aliveness. The Solar plexus chakra is where we connect to our inner power.

The reasoning for this meditation is:

  • To seek a new definition of power. One that lifts us out of struggle and into transformation, out of the past and into the future.
  • Creating a vision to inspire, strengthen, and empowers us as individuals.
  • A choice that widens our horizon, as our opinions increase, so does our strength and freedom.
  • Start to become the change you desire and breathe life into your dreams.

Affirmations can inspire you to take action

A positive and encouraging statement you repeat to uplift and empower yourself.

I want to invite you to look at affirmations and become the change you desire. Write down what changes you want in your life and become the change.

Aim to use authentic language as affirmations are most effective when they sound and feel natural.
Be mindful of the words you use to make sure they are not too fancy or pompous.
Be realistic and believe in yourself. Avoid the terms want and need; use the words I am, and I choose to reflect the language effectively. Keeping the present tense statement, it is happening now (not in the future).

“I choose to show up on the path of transformation.”

Work with one affirmation until positive changes happen; negativity has no power over you unless you allow it.