Be inspired by Breathworks, Mindfulness, Meditations, self-compassion and supported movement practices. Live in the present moment and breathe into your experience rather than tensing against it.

Breathworks courses are Scientific evidence-based, and they partner with health services and academics. I offer an hour-long free taster session.

The eight-week Mindfulness for Health /Stress course involves 20 hours of class time. A balance of teaching, questions, discussions and guided meditations is provided. Learning techniques for transformative body and breath awareness for relaxation, tranquillity, and letting go of tension.

When we can’t change our circumstances, we have to change ourselves. You can train your brain to stop sabotaging your quality of life. This course will help you do that.

Mindfully wake up your senses whilst working with the energy centres (chakras)

The Root chakra is about finding our path, the right to be here, whilst establishing individuality. The Sacral Chakra is where we experience emotion and feel our aliveness. The Solar plexus chakra is where we connect to our inner power.

The reasoning for this meditation is:

  • To seek a new definition of power. One that lifts us out of struggle and into transformation, out of the past and into the future.
  • Creating a vision to inspire, strengthen, and empowers us as individuals.
  • A choice that widens our horizon, as our opinions increase, so does our strength and freedom.
  • Start to become the change you desire and breathe life into your dreams.